My Hair Loss Story..

I was recently caught off-guard and then my Dermatologist recommended this. If you have been following my Instagram stories for a while you will know I had a health scare in December and went in for scheduled surgery in January. So naturally by body took quite a beating from all the anaesthetic, stress and meds I was on, and hence, my hair loss story...

Three months later I noticed my hair start to shed, but like serious shedding to the point where I could see my scalp without parting my hair, and my ponytail was less that half the size it previously used to be. First I thought it was because I was back to my natural hair (I had been transitioning for a while) and still figuring out how to manage my coils but even without using a comb or brush my hair was shedding like crazy. 

I got in touch with my Dermatologist to find out what it could be, and her diagnosis was Telogen Effluvium. A term I had never heard of before. Normally we hear about all the different types of alopecia and hair loss causes, but I had never heard of this one. 

What is Telogen Effluvium?
A type of hair loss caused by trauma to the body. Trauma, for example, due to serious illness, surgery, car crash, vitamin/nutrient deficiency, childbirth etc...

My dermatologist recommended Viviscal Pro hair supplements, increasing my iron levels, professional shampoo & conditioner - naturally I went with Nioxin, known to improve scalp health and improve the appearance of fine and thin looking hair, and to stay away from any hairstyles that would create unnecessary  tension. 

I'm pleased to report the shedding has significantly reduced, still happening, but a lot less than before. And the reason I decided to share this post was just incase someone out there was facing the same challenge and not knowing where to turn. My recommendation - consult with your dermatologist there could be a positive outcome for you too.

As always I'm keen to hear from you, have you experienced any sort of hair loss and what was your approach to recovery?


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