Your scalp is an extension of your facial skin, so why not give it the same level of care? Trialling the Vichy Dercos Anti-dandruff Shampoo over the past couple of  weeks has been eye opening. (Dercos - Dermatology and Cosmetics). 

We used the shampoo on my daughter’s hair, after having had braids in for 2 months. Although she doesn’t suffer from dandruff, we thought it would be interesting to test out its efficacy and how it would make the scalp and hair feel, especially with all the debris, oil and product buildup that goes along with having had braids in for a while. 

The shampoo is thick and creamy, so it was easy to apply, and lathered up well. It was very effective when cleaning the scalp, it did not have that “stripped” squeaky feel. It also left the hair feeling soft and easy to manage.

Left on the scalp for just 2 minutes! 

With microbiome technology. The skin’s microbiome are the trillions of beneficial bacteria that live on the skin to help fight infections & protect the body from environmental damage. The more the variety of beneficial bacterial species, the healthier the barrier will be. 

And key ingredients such as Selenium Disulphide which is effective in treating dandruff, and certain scalp conditions. 

If you have scalp concerns, I was impressed and highly recommend giving Vichy’s Dermatological Shampoo a try. For  R225, at your nearest Clicks or Dischem, you can’t go wrong with that. 

Thank you again Vichy for hosting such an informative & incredible event. 


  1. Very nice blog, keep posting. Definitely I will try it. If you left the hair feeling soft and easy to manage then sure this shampoo can be used for all type of hair problem.

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