Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the human body? With a surface area of around 2 square meters it accounts for about 16% of your total body weight!

That said! How do you take care of your body on a day-to-day basis?

My personal recommendations, and I know this might seem a petty subject... but we all know hygiene is a necessity, so for those that never know what to do this may just be a good place to get some ideas!

~ ladies please... we need to shower/bath at least twice a day. Firstly, bathing in the morning is important as your skin tends to regenerate the most at night, so imagine all those dead skin cells and the "flakes" from friction overnight (you may not be able to see them but they are there); secondly ~ for one of the most obvious reasons, a lot of 'couples' tend to get "busy" at night - trust me if you don't bath we will all "know what you did last night"... there is a "scent" to it, so please, if you go to work or school, there are other people in your environment... I beg of you!! 
~ Why you need to bath at night, you have been out and about, you have encountered dust, sweat, wind, sun, smoke, general pollution etc... why would you want to go to bed with that? Need I say more? I think it speaks for itself..
~ what you use, shower gel or soap is really what's of preference to you.

~ what you moisturize with really should once again depend on your preference and the condition of you skin ie. oily, dry, normal, combination etc
~ if you are one for using oils/vaseline, it tends to be more effective to do so while your skin is still damp/slightly wet. Most oils sit on the surface of the skin without actually penetrating it therefore are of minimal benefit. If you use your oil on damp skin, however, it "locks/seals" in that moisture.
~ choose your moisturizer carefully, read the benefits, if you have pigmentation or uneven skin tone, for example, go for moisturizers which have ingredients to target that.

~ I prefer to use bath gloves for my daily showers, I get a 2-in-1 benefit out of them; exfoliation and it sloughs off the hair so i have very little fine hair particularly on my legs.
~ If you suffer from dry skin or ingrown hair, exfoliation should be you best friend. How often you should do it depends on method/product you are are using to do so. eg. loofah, mitts, granules, home-made version etc.. If you use a store bought exfoliator the directions for use should normally be on the pack.

These, really, should constitute the weekly basics of body care. At a later stage I shall address the issue of cellulite, dry cracked heels and any other suggestions please...

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