Well... this has been a very interesting challenge for me. Mission: is to see how long i can get my hair by December 2012 - if i make it that far, considering that I'm normally one to cut my every summer?!

So, what I've been doing on a daily basis is moisturizing and sealing every evening, keeping my hair in some sort of "protective/low manipulation" type hairstyle, as well as oiling my scalp twice a week, placing a shower cap overnight to retain as much moisture as possible... weekly i will deep condition and wash it and relax at a minimum of 12 weeks.

As this is not my forte, I've watched a few you tube videos, read a few magazine articles and basically tried to come up with a formula I am comfortable with, time and budget wise... the real test results to be seen in December.

Ever heard of a healthy hair journey? What are you ladies doing to maintain a healthy head of hair?

Here is a pic of my current hair length (not the clearest, unfortunately)...

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