Working in a laser hair removal environment, with one of the "state of the art machines" has really paid off!

No more waxing, no more smelly hair removal creams, from razor to laser baybay!!

Getting laser hair removal has been one of the best decisions/investments ever... don't have to worry if my armpits are "clean" before i can wear a specific top... laser has take care of 1 part of the hygiene factor for me, so i'm sailing through the months *ifuknowwhatimean*

Let's go slightly technical for those of you that have been considering it:

  • it's virtually pain-free technology! ie. unlike the older lasers it does not give you one burst of heat/energy... but instead is like going to the doctor for a sonar: ultrasound gel is applied, there is contact of the laser head to the skin, it's starts off really cool and gradually gets warmer and that way you are able to tolerate a higher level of "heat" - it is the heat that destroys the follicle resulting in it's inability to produce hair.
  • it's on the 1st lasers to work safely and effectively on all skin types regardless of ethnicity. you ARE able to tan between your sessions. there are settings available for even the most sensitive. basic principle in effective hair removal being: the hair needs to be slightly darker than the colour of the skin.
  • number of sessions required: average is between 8 - 10, you go in every 4 weeks and as the hair growth starts to thin out and slow down it's pushed to 6 weeks, then 8 weeks until you don't need to go in anymore!
  • areas you can laser: everywhere and anything except the lower eyebrow area (rather safe than sorry as the intensity of the laser light is quite hectic)
  • there are certain ailments that are contraindicated so you will have a full consultation before your 1st session
  • bonus: it's quick, leaves no marks/pigmentation, can easily be done in your lunch break and no one will know...
  • brag: same machine and seen and on endorsed on the TV show "The Doctors"


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