So flawless skin is like my ultimate. 

My face it treated with some serious TLC, firstly the product range i use if all natural ie. free of chemicals, i am certainly not one to chop and change my products as i believe being consistent is the key to seeing results:

twice daily:

  •  I cleanse with a gel cleanser toner; apply a serum with anti-oxidants and vitamin C *my dose of anti-ageing*, apply another serum over with helps thicken my lower skin layers so it is not as sensitive as it normally would be

once daily: 

  • i use a day cream for combination skin, which has an spf 30 *I'm indoors almost all the time at work so it's not necessary for me to apply additional spf through out the day*
  • i also use a night cream with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) which exfoliate my skin overnight giving it the fresh glowing look each morning!


  • i will apply a clay mask just for that soothing effect if i've been out and about a lot, or just for the deep cleansing/purifying effect

monthly or every second month: 

  • i will get a fruit acid peel, very gentle yet effective for dealing with any dead skin, pigmentation, black heads etc..

that's a closeup of me without makeup...

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