So I've been on a mission for the past say 6 months to see how long and healthy I can grow my hair to December.

Gosh, like who could have known it would be such a challenge?!!

Firstly, trying to "learn" my hair which I still don't think I have mastered... and figuring out ingredients and their benefits in hair products, both store bought and natural has also been an issue.

That said, I have set myself a new challenge ie. CONSISTENCY and the following are the only products I will be using ~ in the hope of getting maximum results... It's been 8 weeks since my last relaxer so my growth is shocking!

I will not state the shampoos and conditioners as I don't think those make too much of a difference - I do use a sulphate free version, for interest's sake ~ and if you would really like to know i will tell :)

  • I will wash and deep condition once a week using either ORS Hair Repair, ORS Replenshing Pak, ORS Hair Mayonnaise or the Dr Miracle's deep conditioning treatment ~ some are moisturizing others protein.
  • I will oil my scalp 2/3 times a week using coconut oil ~ the reason I will not wash twice a week is to give my oil a chance to actually work
  • I will baggy the ends of my hair and possibly the full head closer to wash day to try and create a moist environment for better length retention.
  • I will moisturize my hair daily with Moroccan oil hydrating styling cream and seal with Moroccan oil ~ it's getting to summer now so I don't feel it's necessary to weigh my hair down with the thicker creams as I have been doing throughout winter, and the thought of oil coating my hair & subsequently coating my face... leading to a breakout is just not for me!
  • I will incorporate black tea rinses as and when necessary
  • Lastly, I will bun/protective style 5 days of the week to protect my ends  
The Moroccan oil portion really is an experiment for me as I bought it a while ago and have not been very consistent in using it. Yes it has "cones" in it, but I will not be applying it to my scalp so there should be no harm in terms of  "clogging of the pores" and because I will apply a cream under it should be able to lock-in my moisture just fine... I may revisit and change this product in about a month's time if it not working as I need it to - but I will be sure to update that on here for you. Also if I do decide to add anything more, I will update and justify why..

So all this officially starts, 1st Septemeber up until 30 November... below is my starting pic :) hhj


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