Woman relaxing on couch grooming with a facial

So weirdly enough there is still more to be said on this subject. It's amazing to note how much we as women go through for "beauty."

Shoe polish... yes!! it appears again... i wonder what else shoe polish can be used for.... maybe as the name states for polishing shoes? I wonder? So shoe polish on the face is apparently still a common practise to help combat the appearance of "shine/oil" on the skin - so instead it will give you a matte foundation finish...hmmm!

Baby powder - also another common one and still used to absorb the oil on the face give it an "ultra" whitish looking *on darker skins* matte finish...

Now listen to this... *drum roll*...*can't look hand over my eyes face*

Sperm!!!! YES!!! This apparently has been a well keep secret... that, this interesting substance when applied to the face helps to smooth out wrinkles! After much probing, I managed to get a "decent" secret of someone as to what skin care remedies they have tried or have been told about...

What's interesting to note is that there is a facial that has been formulated, and a long time ago at that, I always wonder where I have been when stuff like this shows up... so it's called a "spermine facial"...at US$250 a pop... 'spermine' being an 'ingredient' found in sperm and is super high in anti-oxidants!!

(for those not familiar: anti-oxidants = anti free radical = in lay man's terms: something that acts against the destructive behavior of free radicals) (examples of free radicals = sun, pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhausts etc..)

Well?? What can I say? Anyone with plans of getting their partner to sign a donor form for the love of anti-ageing?


  1. hmmm ......... interesting, so have u looked at the ingredients on baby powder, do u think it will work for me

  2. lol... I haven't looked at them, but doubt very much there is anything beneficial, so it get no thumbs up from me..


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