I'm sitting at work taking a break and it suddenly dawns on me... my "thesis" at the end of my somatology/therapy exams was all about skin care back in the day.

Do you remember the old "remedies" your momma gave you when you hit puberty and beyond? How to cleanse, mask or moisturize your skin when you got breakouts or just in general because you had come of age and your "hygiene" regimen needed to step up a notch?

This may possibly ring more of a bell with those of us in Africa where we still have rural based grandparents or a lot of natural resources within arms length. Were you taught any valuable "lessons" that you have carried over to this day? Would it be something you would consider revisiting? Are tough economic times causing you to be more selective in what and how much you spend on your products?

I remember my mum would make us mix oatmeal, honey & water and get us to rub it all over our faces as a bit of an exfoliant, then let it sit as a mask. What I know now the benefits: honey = a humectant, so it draws moisture to the skin; oatmeal = a cleanser, it helps to absorb & rid impurities on the skin.

I also remember if we got marks all over the body from climbing trees #yes it's normal if u grow up on a farm - i hope# or mosquito bites ~ she would tell us to cut an lemon and rub the segmented part all over to help even out the pigmentation. What I know now, the benefits: brightens/lightens & softens the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of scars.

Consulting a colleague ~ she remembers her mum telling her to put an egg on her face as a mask and so she could wake up the next morning looking "beautiful" for a function. What I know now, the benefits: egg white = has a tightening & toning effect, so you pores appear smaller etc

In hindsight my remedies seem rather "mellow".. I know some of the remedies I've heard of can be quite "shocking"... from cow dung to shoe polish... Would be interesting to hear what sort of remedies you remember being told - and to see if we can decode what the benefits of each of the ingredients are... 

Wisdom of age... our parents do/did know something after all!


  1. First wee of the day foe clearing spotty skin...never tried it as the ick factor was a little too high for me but my Mom and Gran still swear by it!

    Louise Xxx

  2. hahaha! U r so right! I've heard this one before but also too grossed out to ever try. According to research, wee is highly acidic & is capable of killing micro-organisms... euwww... but would still love to know if any has ever braved it?

  3. guys aweeee are you serious? like really? ughhh no man!

  4. your blog is very good and interesting *_* keep in touch!


  5. oatmeal and honey is amazing. :) oatmeal in generel! a good friend of mine always
    use this for her skin and her skin looks flawless and so healthy. definitely should try this, what nature gives us!
    in btw I think your have a really nice blog, dear. keep up the amazing work and feel free
    to check out the latest post on my fashionblog as well, if you like. :)



  6. Thanks for the feedback ladies... will try to keep it going!


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