So as mentioned previously, possibly far too much time than is perhaps necessary is spent on my facial skin care - it's forms a big part of my job, so i guess i could to try to justify it that way.

Remember I am not claiming to be an expert, dermatologist or master physician but i do have my own 2 cents to add to the whole debate of "prevention is better than cure"...

I think it is important for us to realize we are no longer living in the error of all things natural like our parents or grandparents did - instead these are the times of the "GMO", steroids, synthetic antibiotics, and who know what else... I'm by no means advocating all things organic - the choice of how much you spend and what you eat really is up to you. This makes for a long and interesting discussion, but not this time...

So back to how this relates to skin... right... with the gmo's etc is causes our body's to age/mature a lot quicker than they normally should. So choosing your skincare products carefully in order to prevent the signs of ageing prematurely is of utmost importance. Do you read the ingredients list at the back of your moisturizer, for example, before you buy them - or do you just pick the cheapest one? Do you consult with a qualified aesthetian on what products they recommend for you - or do you buy from your local supermarket/grocery store? Are your choices influenced by media - do you buy because you totally love the advert from that particular range?

Food for thought...
  • what are the first three ingredients ie. that makes up the highest part of the composition of that product and what are the benefits of the ingredients ~ do they have the ability to penetrate the skin even, and to what depth?
  • know your skin type, are you dry/tight after washing; what does your skin look like by mid-day etc..?
  • what is your main concern ~ is it pigmentation, is it break-outs, dull, or just in need of general maintenance?
  • what is your age, what is your work environment like, do you gym daily...?
  • what do you eat and drink on a daily basis?
  • maybe one of the most important components to any skin care regimen - SPF!!!
There is so much to be said and this subject will surely come up again on my blog... comment, questions, inbox me...

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