These are probably two of the most frustrating complaints women have!

Stretch Marks: caused by rapid weight gain, weight loss or even genetics
Cellulite: caused by poor blood circulation

What to do?

Stretch marks cannot be rid of completely but the appearance of them can be made better. It is always best to treat them while they are still new ie. red or purple. Once they have turned "silver" there is not much that can be done about them.

  • good diet including supplements if necessary
  • keep the skin well moisturised at all times
  • using a good quality stretch mark cream or oil consistently
  • get a tan, it will mask the appearance of the marks
  • and how creative is this: a tatoo to mask the appearance of stretch marks ~ i like!
Last resort:
Several treatments have become available thanks to technology, Fraxel laser, Carboxy therapy, VBeam, Skin Peels etc... See your dermatologist if this is your preferred route.

Cellulite... once again it's all about improving of appearance. Just to add some icing on the cake, women are more prone to cellulite that men as our bodies tend to carry more fatty tissue and retain more water. Most common areas for cellulite being buttocks and thighs.

  • brush your skin with a body brush daily, or as often as possible, best time being just before you jump into the shower ~ this will help to stimulate the skin and increase blood circulation in the area.
  • exercise
  • detox wraps will help to rid some of the water we retain
  • drinking at least 8 glasses of water will help to flush out sodium, which is a factor responsible for water retention
  • apply cream to keep the skin moisturized daily
  • massage.. yes massage will help to stimulate circulation as well relax you.. stress causes hormonal changes which affect the skin you know!
Last resort:
Mesotherapy, Synergy, Utrasound Cavitation, Endomology etc..

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