Time to pack away the coats and boots... summer is nigh!!!

So what are we doing to tweet up our beauty regimens... My personal to do list:

  • serious body exfoliation ~ must scrub away all that dry skin from winter and reveal the fresh glow
  • maybe a body wrap or two to detox, time to shed the results of all that comfort food
  • put away/give away the richer moisturizers, too oily for the summer they are!
  • invest in sunscreen that contains both UVA and UVB protectors/screens.. this is Africa, we have hectic sun approx 300 - 320 days of the year and 90% of cancers are caused by environmental factors
  • manicures & pedicures... bring on the pastels that are this season's musts ~ I know you think i left our waxing etc, but remember the laser i told you about?? Well there's the advantage for you #tongueout#
  • Oooo... and possibly everyone's favourite.... all the summer clothes!

So what's on your to do list in preparation for summer? I look forward to seeing everyone's new hairstyles, colours and just generally everyone looking more alive than gloomy :)

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