For centuries this has been an oil well-known to the Berber women of Morocco. They used it to nourish their hair, skin and nails as well as for  skin and body conditions including eczema, chicken pox, scars, acne and psoriasis. 

Argan factory
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How is was extracted?
The Berbers would collect undigested pits from the waste of goats. The pits would then be ground to produce a nutty oil.

Composition of argan oil:
Argan oil contains large quantities of essential unsaturated fatty acids. It also contains sterols, polyphenols, ferulic acid, linoleic acid and considerably high levels of Vitamin E.
These ingredients account for it's ability to be moisturizing, an antioxidant and effective in maintenance of healthy skin and premature ageing.

Now that u are hopefully a little more enlightened on the background and composition... Let's discuss a product that seems to have taken the world by storm!

.... Moroccan Oil!!

This product has made it big on the hair market and is being used by different people from all walks of life.. from the runways to celebrities to myself *lol*

It feels soft and silky, and feels like an oil that's not an oil! It is an oil that does not leave a greasy film on your hair and is absorbed almost instantly into the hair. The oil is applied to your hair strands only (ie. Not on your scalp) ideally on damp hair, but can be used daily on dry hair too. It can be used on all hair types and come in two variations, one for all hair types and one for fine/light coloured hair. It comes in a 100ml bottle with a pump for easy dispensing and all that is needed with each application is one pump, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, if not less - a little goes a long way! I'm heavy handed, so... yah...

I have been using this oil for almost a year now and I must honestly say it has lived up to it's word and my expectations. I am now confident enough to wash and dry my hair at home as this oil almost acts as a detangler and smooths out the knots and kinks easily and my comb just runs through my hair. It leaves my hair soft, frizz-free, shiny and best of all smelling fabulous!!

Price range:+-R380

It is a worthwhile investment considering that it will last you no less than 6 months!

This is a staple in my hair regimen particularly on wash days and on "bad hair days"...

NB: there is a full range of great products in the Moroccan oil range, I have used 2 other products and will possibly get round to reviewing them in the near future.


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