There seems to be a craze with BB cream lately.. So it apparently originated in Korea and the "BB" stands for beauty balm, blemish balm or blemish base.

My understanding is that it is a tinted moisturizer of sorts, described by some product houses as an all-in-one facial ~ and is meant to replace your day cream, serum, first application of SPF, primer and foundation.

The formulations vary slightly in that some have a higher SPF than others, some have hydrating, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, others, ingredients to treat blemishes ie. whitening/bleaching, breakouts and sun spots.

The down-side: there are a limited number of shades: light, medium & dark (is what I have seen so far), also it will not cover very dark spots so you might need to use a concealer if you do not have a fairly even skin tone. Lastly, some of the creams have pink undertones which may not be so flattering on darker skins.

I personally am lazy when it comes to makeup, so I am very excited to try this product out. I will use it as my foundation and depending on how matte the finish i might not use powder over it. I also tend to be an advocate for the "more natural"/"friendly" type cosmetics and so I have been waiting for a specific brand to unpack their stock #which I saw them do a few weekends ago - yay!#

Product houses that I know of that have the BB cream:

Bobbi Brown
The Body Shop
Estee Lauder
Smash Box
*Now that I'm listing, i'm starting to think every product house might have one, so ask at your favorite brand's counter*

Price range, R79 - R650.


  1. Have you tried any of them out yet? What's the verdict? I am also looking for a light foundation for this african heat (I'm in Botswana).

  2. Hi Shathi, I'm testing one out at the moment, no verdict as yet.. will update end of month coz i think i would have given it a fair chance. I also know of a product called Lycogel, I have only used it once, very expensive, but it is sweat proof (I'm quite keen on getting that) google it and see how you feel about it, that may just be your "go-to"


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