So finally after 14 weeks of stretching my relaxer (ie. last relaxer was on the 24 June), i finally decided that the new growth was way too much and i needed to do something about it. I had a bit of a battle with my mind as to whether to stretch even longer by plaiting, but eventually the relaxer won. Also the lesson learnt was stretching my hair for longer than 12 weeks was not the best of ideas, as i had a significant amount of new growth and my hair was starting to break off at the demarcation line (this is the most fragile part of the hair).

What is to texlax?
It is when a relaxer is applied to the hair for a much shorter period than that which is recommended  on the particular brand's instruction leaflet (for the average person, it tends to be half the amount of time stated). The point is to loosen your curl pattern instead of completely straightening your hair like a relaxer. It leaves the hair with a bit body and volume. There are several ways to texlax: some use the relaxer as is, othes mix the relaxer with conditioner or some sort of natural oil. You've got to do a bit of trial and error to know what would work for your hair as everyone's response is different.

So four days before, I used Organic Root Stimulator's hair mayonnaise as a protein treatment and left it in for about 5 hours with a shower cap over (I don't own a steamer :( sadly). After that i washed it out let my hair airdry then based my scalp with a little coconut oil. On day four, after the protein treatment, I applied vaseline to my hair strands, focusing especially on the tips, as i did not want the already processed hair being affected by the chemicals twice (in all honesty, because I was going to have the texlax done by my stylist, i also wanted to make sure that I was 'covered' if he would give me the excuse of not having the "pre-treatment cream"  available- gosh I have just realised I have no idea what it is actually called!)

So, any-who! I used the Mizani relaxer, it was applied very swiftly, only to the new growth, which was about 1 inch at that time, smoothed over once and rinsed immediately. Thing one thing i forgot to do, was time the whole process. I was quite happy with the fact that my stylist was attentive to my request and did as I had asked. The end result, my hair had texture and was left feeling soft and looking thicker.

I have not really worn my hair down as I was out and about in the sun so it was important for me to keep my ends protected. I will be doing another protein treatment during the course of the week just to give my hair a bit of strength. And will maintain my daily routine as mentioned in a previous post.


  1. I have the same issue with breakage when I try to stretch to 16 weeks. I said I'm going to go with an 8-10 but no more than 12 week schedule. I'm 9 weeks now and I'm taking my sew in out tonight so I can relax next week.

  2. So weird hey... coz no matter how much i moisturized the new growth, it didn't seem to make a difference! I will safely stick to 12 weeks too :)


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