Oily hair is normally more common in blonde haired people as they have more follicles per square centimetre than darker haired people, which therefore means they have more sebaceous gland (which are responsible for sebum/natural oil secretion).

Some causes:

  • hereditary
  • hormonal changes
  • disease/illness
  • perspiration
  • chemical hair treatments
  • touching & playing with hair frequently
  • stress
  • pollution

This for me is a subject I write about, not from experience, but more from a combination of research and consultation from qualified hairstylist and blonde haired friends.

So, some things you might like to try to remedy this “situation”:

  • Use a comb as opposed to a brush – this will prevent stimulation of the follicles as well as the distribution of sebum down the hair shaft
  • Use a shampoo & conditioner specifically made for oily hair - try skipping the conditioner all together as your oil secretion is enough to condition your hair already 
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water
  • Make use of dry shampoos on alternate days as opposed to washing daily – dry shampoo tends to have a “powdery” residue which acts like talcum powder by absorbing the oil #woothatwasamouthful – hope it makes sense..
  • Try doing an apple cider vinegar rinse - mix a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts warm water, shampoo first, pour our mixture over, let sit for 2 mins then rinse out - bonus will be beautifully shiny hair as it closes the cuticle
  • *One that is a little usual – mouthwash!! – so step in the shower, wet your hair, pour a few cap-fulls of mouthwash (enough to saturate your hair) massage all over, shampoo, blow dry & voila!! Ps. You may wanna close your eyes while you do this... that “mintiness” is sure to sting your eyes (my take on this is if it’s safe enough to put in your mouth, then can’t be much harm in pouring it over your hair, so someone please try this & let me know if it works)
  • If you can go a couple of days without washing (say on a weekend when you are not going out) it may cause your oil glands to slow down on production a bit.


  1. What is your natural colour Lou (I always picture u as blonde still). Try the mouthwash thing, maybe over a couple of weeks you never know. Looking forward to your feedback...


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