So I decided to switch it up a little more on the hair front... I can't remember when I last braided my hair (possibly close to a year ago), main reason being my hairline. Arrrgh, if u're an ethnic sista, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Oh well, that dilemma still stands, but i decided to be a little more cautious this time. I got some box braids installed over the weekend. Nice and big, protective styling in mind, so decided to play it safe buy increasing the amount of hair in each braid. Not sure how long this style will last me, but I will play it by ear, so not setting a time for when I will take them down.

How I will try to maintain my hair:

I will spritz it daily with braid spray, from Sta-So-Fro... I was quite keen to find S Curl No Drip Activator but I have searched everywhere, and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere in Johannesburg :(

Once a week, I will spritz my hair with Redken's Extreme CAT, I will play it safe with this as protein in large quantities can make the hair "crunchy" leading to breakage!

I will shampoo, my scalp, once a month, using a diluted sulphate-free shampoo. Co-wash, with diluted conditioner, once a week (Ideally I would do it twice a week but I am very limited for time). 

I will try as much as possible to incorporate scalp massages, with coconut oil every 2nd/3rd day, just to keep my scalp from drying out and becoming flakey. Coconut oil is also a great oil, easily absorbed and not heavy at all, so I shouldn't get buildup.

And last but not least.. #brag... I got me some Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and I will apply this, without fail, to my "edge-less edges" ie. hairline... I have never used this before, so this is a test, if it works well I will try it on my entire scalp (but that's an update for later).



  1. Good luck with the box braids!! Where did you get the black castor oil??

  2. Aww thanks, so far so good. I got it sent from a friend in States, I have been trying to establish demand so I know whether to organise that she send me more to sell, coz I know it's rare to find - if at all in SA, so if u r keen let me know.

  3. where did you get the JBCO?

  4. I got this specific one from a friend.. but you can now get JBCO at Ruutos in Randburg :)


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