Anti-oxidants... I think you have heard about these repeated on my blog and elsewhere a million times, that means there must be something about them. 

What are they?
They are substances that are capable of correcting the effects of oxidation (ie. degeneration, decomposition, deterioration..) that occur as a normal part of our everyday lives. I have written a little bit more about it here.

Where to find it?
Preferably in a product container that does not require you to stick your fingers in to get it out.... once antioxidants are exposed to air, they are not as effective. Best type of containers are the ones with pumps or that you squeeze out, and once again, preferably a non-clear coloured container, as light does not justice to "active" ingredients either.  Try and go for the more "natural," preservative free type... some chemicals are free-radicals in themselves and therefore the point of having antioxidants is lost.

What are the specific types of antioxidants?
Vitamins A/Retinol/Beta-carotene
Vitamins C & E
Green tree extract
CoEnzyme Q-10
Alpha lipoic acid
Grape seed oil

What affects the body's ability to regenerate?
Our lifestyle affects the body's ability to function at optimal levels eg. smoking, pollution, diet etc.. Our bodies need anti-oxidants to help repair damaged cells and prevent/minimize further damage occurring.

Apart from topical application of anti-oxidant containing creams, it is always good to have a balanced diet and additional vitamins in the form of supplements.

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