Step by step guide to newspaper nails:

1. start with washed hands so there is no oil residue and your nail polish lasts longer
2. apply your base coat

3. once dry, choose any colour (light colours will let the print show up best)
4. apply two coats of your chosen colour and allow to dry (I chose an olive colour, although it looks more to the yellow side on the pics)

5. get your newspaper and chose a page with the size of print you would like (I went a little bigger this time)
6. cut the newspaper into small squares, large enough to cover your nails
7. decant your rubbing alcohol into a small dish

8. so you can either dip your nail into the dish with the alcohol for a few seconds then take one square of your cut newspaper and apply it over the wet nail... or.... you can dip the newspaper square into the alcohol and place that over your nail while it's still wet
9. apply and push down firmly to ensure the print is transferred and comes out dark

10. once you have done all 10 nails, apply a top coat and voila!! (so my good old faithful phone decided to hate on me an blur out the end result.. grrr... sorry,but hope you can see the general concept)


  1. Nice tutorials..Thanks for sharing the post..
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  2. Thank you so much, appreciate the compliment have a gr8 weekend :)


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