So this is a little unusual for this blog... but one can't "look good" or feel good when they are coughing right?

Less than a week ago, I was down with a sore throat and what I think would have been a hectic cough coming on, voice gone etc.. Thanks to social media! a good friend told me, if I mixed onion and honey and drank the juice I should be good to go! euuwww...

At that point, I was willing to try anything, I tend to be the stubborn type and I'm not a fan of the doc, so I try to ride things out at home first before giving in! 

NB. I'm not a doc, nor am I a magician lol... if you don't feel good please go and see your doctor!

So here's a mini step by step of what I did, best of all within 2 days the cough was gone!!:

1. chopped about half of half *hmm* of a medium sized onion
2. put into a container
3. poured enough honey to cover all the onion slices
4. sealed the container with an air-tight lid
5. left it in the fridge overnight

The juice was a thin runny consistency, smelt "oniony" but tasted sweet thanks to the honey! Drank it about 3 times a day. And bam! I was as good as new :)

As an after thought, I decided to Google benefits of onion, and apparently it act as an anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and is mineral rich eg. calcium, magnesium, potassium selenium etc, and has been used for many centuries for medicinal purposes. Worth checking out if you are into trying alternatives first.

I was given one or two other remedies, which I plan on testing out on anyone around me that complains of the cough symptoms - good luck to my colleagues kikiki!!

Oh! If you have any other remedies you've tried, please tell me about them below :)

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