I know I have m-i-a for a while.. Things have been crazy busy but I’m back now, and will be updating as much as I possibly can.

So, what have I been up to in the hair department? I think I have finally gathered the strength to stick to my decision of going natural. I have not mustered enough courage to do the “big chop” though, so, I have instead opted to “transition”. My last relaxer was 27th December 2012, so I am just past 16 weeks post. Gosh who would have ever thought it would be such hard work?! My natural hair texture and my relaxed hair texture are worlds apart.  I haven’t mastered the art of transitioning as yet so am not in a position to give advice of how to deal with all the challenges that come with it. I am hoping to transition for at least 1 year, so far it does not look like I will make it... but I am not giving up just yet.

I am definitely struggling to manage the two textures, my natural hair is very dry and needs different products to the relaxed hair. I have ordered s-curl no drip moisturizer, seeing as we seem to have a supply issue in South Africa at the moment (so I’m patiently awaiting it’s arrival). I experienced quite a lot of breakage and shedding after the 8 week mark, which I managed to sort out with weekly black tea rinses + deep conditioning with a protein treatment. I expected the breakage as the hair is very fragile at the line of demarcation (and I’m not the patient type really!) so I am definitely to blame for part of it.

I think, I shall, over the next few weeks, speak to some "natural haired" sistas to find out what products they are using, and what their hair care regimens entail... will be sure to update on that!

Some definitions, for those of you not so familiar with all this ‘hair forum’ jargon:

Big chop – when someone cuts off all their relaxed hair, leaving only the natural hair.

Transitioning – the process of going from relaxed hair to natural hair without doing the big chop. People normally grow their natural hair to a length that they are comfortable with first before finally cutting off the relaxed ends.

Line of demarcation – the point where your natural hair and relaxed hair meet - very fragile...

Have any of you ladies successfully transitioned? If so for how long and what were you doing to maintain your hair? Please post your comments, feedback or questions in the comment box below...


  1. Had no idea you had a blog. All the best with transitioning!

  2. I did the big chop after Juno was born.....hair is now regrown past my shoulders and I had a fringe cut in about months ago which I now hate! Good luck with your hair journey :-)

  3. @Wisaal... oops! I need to get myself out there a little more :) will take any tips!

    @Louise - gosh Lou! I totally loved that cut too, you were brave... your hair's grown really fast.. hope you tag me a pic xx


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