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It's been a while... thought i would share with you some of my favourite products that I have been enjoying throughout the month of August. I'm not one to chop and change between products as I like to get the full benefit of being consistent and sticking to a specific regimen.

Avani Deep Cleansing Mud Gel
I totally love the light scent (which I am struggling to describe as I can't compare or make it out). The texture of this product is also light and velvety! It doesn't create a heavy foam so you are able to go over your face, with circular movements, several times without the fear of bubbles going up your nose!

This gel cleanser is very effective when washing off makeup (after your makeup remover), oil and dirt ,and does not leave your skin feeling stripped of it's moisture or dry and tight. It contains natural plant extracts, essential oils, blended with dead sea mud and is enriched with avocado oil.

Avani Advanced Micro Capsule Serum
I always enjoy the benefits of a good quality serum. Packaged in a convenient pump bottle which dispenses a precise amount of product. I only use one pump at a time which is enough to cover my entire face, a little goes a looong way! I found that this created a excellent base for the days I chose to wear makeup. It felt as though it had given my skin an even smoother texture.

It contains anti-ageing, anti-oxidant and moisture boosting ingredients as well as active enzymes and collagen.

Avani Mineral Enriched Moisturising Cream
This has still been good to my skin and kept it fresh and supple throughout our South African winter. Check out my previous post on it here.

RegimA Quantum Elastin
This is one of my must have products. I just can's go a day without using it. I used to have ultra sensitive skin before, it was so bad I could not be out in the sun for more than 10 minutes as my skin would react badly, and I would literally have a face full of fine pimples that looked like/possibly were heat rash. It would be so bad to the point that the only way to treat it would be to use some topical cortisone.

It's a dermal regenerator which helps to thicken the skin and promote elasticity. It contains essential amino acids and antioxidants - and is an all natural product! It suitable for all skin types and is beneficial especially for acne scarred skins, eczema, psoriasis, damaged, thin or sensitive skin.

There is a full range for every skin type, these products come highly recommended, you will be glad you tried them out, and can be found at stands around the bigger malls in South Africa; on www.amazon.com or www.avani-deadsea.com

If you are interested in reading a full review on each of the products mentioned above ie. ingredients & their benefits etc, please leave a comment below and I will gladly do one.

NB: I was sent the Avani products I have mentioned above, but my opinion is in no way paid for and the products have been mentioned as part of my favourites for the month of August because they truly and genuinely are!

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