I couldn't think of a title more befitting than this one! Boy have I fallen into the 'try this' 'try that' hole, a million times over. I'm sure a number of you can relate?!

Today, I thought I would share with you, a "picture post" of part of the trouble I have got myself into in the past. I say in the past because lately it has been my mission to "shop my stash" and to at least try to use up some of the products, as opposed to letting them go to waste.

On that note, tell me: what do you with a product purchase you find yourself not liking so much? Do you have a little stash somewhere too?

So here are some of the products I have, excluding samples!

Box Number 1

Box Number 2

These are the products I have shopped out of my stash, currently using and am very happy with too :)

What I have used up, there is literally one more wash out of the TRESemm√© left... yay!!

I am still always tempted to buy stuff when I see it on the shelves in the stores, but I've literally had to talk to myself to walk away!


  1. I think i need to be tagged in pictorial evidence please... lol

  2. hi, where do you get your mane n tail?

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