I don't know about y'all but if you're in Southern Africa, you are possibly smelling winter in the air! I'm one of those that likes to plan ahead, so I've been shopping around for my winter "stash" already!

Below are my top 10 must haves, in random order, please be sure to let me know what yours are...

Those of you that know me know that this is my number 1 weakness, tea.. cafe mocha..

I always switch from a lotion to a butter in the winter, I find because they are thicker, they keep my skin moisturized for longer.

Keeping my neck and face warm.. great for those windy days when you need to keep the chill from stinging your cheeks!

For sealing the moisture in my hair, I use either olive oil, coconut oil, or which ever other oil I prefer at the time.

Must have that sun-kissed glow in the winter.. totally love my Regima bronzer, makes my skin look radiant all the time!

Nobody like dry, cracked lips... right?!

A good and timeless staple for any closet...

My absolute favorites, can't get enough of these, they have lasted me long & served me well!

 See no evil, hear no lies...!

Cannot do without this product, gotta protect my skin from "the elements!" 


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