I decided to do something a little different, and please tell me if you enjoy reading about other people's "hair journeys"..

This is a feature on one of my long time friends' Nickypops!

When did you decide to go natural and what made you do so?
I decided to go natural in 2012, I just really wanted healthy thick hair and I know that it might sound cliché but going natural to me genuinely instigated my journey to self-acceptance in all avenues of my life.

It challenged me to accept who I am 100 % , 100% of the time.

What do you enjoy most about being natural?
I have endless styling options , except where sleek do’s are concerned, obviously, but for those who love thick and curly it's great.

What is your regimen?
My regimen has changed as I've become so busy and have less time to manage my hair, where as before I used to wash and condition my hair then do a protective style, and I would make time to do a conditioning treatment once a week, I now blow out my hair once a week and generally braid it.

Do you have a favorite hair product, what is it & why?

I love Shea butter in my conditioner, as a conditioning treatment, and because it is an oil that is absorbed into your hair as opposed to just coating it.

Whats your "go to" hairstyle?
Braids, braids and more braids

Do you have any hair rules/must do advice you could give other people considering going natural?
For those who want to go natural, you must realize that it takes a while and requires lots of "tlc," so just have patience and remember kinks need moisture!!!

What's your most awkward natural hair story/comment you've received, and how did you handle it?
I can't recall a specific incident but on several occasions I've been asked "Where do you buy your hair piece?" and I remember a time when I still had a twa, I had it in a two-strand twist style and someone asked me if I'm growing dreadlocks. Had a lot of laughs, but don't regret the change one bit!

Enjoy the below evidence of the versatility of natural hair ~ worn straight, curly, with colour, protective styling... the list is endless!

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