I'm really excited about this new "contraption" I was introduced to today!!

How fancy is the name... Biophotonic Skin Scanner?! hmm... I will make it as simple as possible to understand what this technology is and what it can do for you! For me personally, if it can truly deliver on it's promise, then this is an life changing technology and I'm glad I got to know about it!!

So consider this my initial review...

What are anti-oxidants? 
I've discussed this in a previous post, but if you need a recap click here.

How does this scanner work?
The biophotonic scanner, is the world's first antioxidant measuring tool & uses a non-invasive method (laser/light) to measure overall carotenoid antioxidant activity. Let me try to break it down in simple terms: remember antioxidants are what you need in order to keep your body's cells healthy and functioning properly, also remember your body's organs/tissues are made up of cells eg. your liver, heart, kidneys etc... if these are not functioning properly it means you become more prone to sickness/allergies/diseases... so this scanner measures your level of protection. It was referred to as the "lie detector" test for your health!!

How are the results translated?
So there are different levels of protection, ranging from non-existent antioxidant activity (where they recommend you be checked by your doctor) to a high level of antioxidant activity (which is where we ideally want to be). Your current level is recorded onto an electronic record and kept with all your details, an scan card is also given to you to take home..

What next?
Depending on the category you fall in, supplements (that your body will actually absorb, as opposed to having 'expensive wee,' and with access to well researched data), as well as a healthy lifestyle, are discussed and recommended. These will give you a noticeable feeling of good health & well being - physically, mentally and sexually. 60 days later, you go back for a re-scan and their guarantee is your score will have increased.

There is so much to say on this scanner, but I have summarized it the best I can. I was sold upon hearing and seeing my scan scores, which were sadly very low.. I will definitely be trying the supplements out and after a 30/60 day trial period, coming back with an update. .... if I can get even the slightest shift in a positive direction, then I too will become a agent!

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