And so, my dear laptop is still not back from repairs, so please bear with with me as posts are few and far between...

Here's a little something, a week over due, but I thought better late than never... The celebrity studded Met Gala 2014 was held a couple of weeks ago, how beautiful are these makeup looks?

Of particular interest were the lipstick shades, are you one for the bright and bold? Or do you prefer the more neutral palettes? Do your colours change with season, trends, mood or...? Care to share...


  1. Oooh, I love a red lip! But I must admit that the nude trend is growing on me. But only when it's done right. There are too many women who get it wrong.

    1. Lol..! I'm also a red lippie kinda person. Still patiently searching for my perfect nude.

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