Today I thought I could discuss a few common ingredients that most of have have stashed in our pantries,  that could double up as something other than food.

Not only are the ingredients user friendly,  but budget friendly as well!

This will be part of a short series of posts: short, sweet and reader friendly ;)

Honey is a very versatile substance,  it is a humectant ie. Attracts water.. and therefore is excellent when used in the hair as a moisturising treatment (it is also known to lighten the hair colour, so if you are patient, this is a natural way to get yourself some "honey coloured" strands!)

Alternatively,  honey can be used on your face. It has antibacterial properties,  so it will assist with acne/breakouts. Or can be used as part of a "home made" mask, for its moisturising benefits.

Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking Soda
This has the ability to neutralise odours!  1tsp mixed with half a glass of water, swished around in the mouth, spit and rinse = fresh breath!

Sweaty,  smelly feet..? Place a bit in your shoes overnight, this will neutralise the odour and if you rub some on your feet, it will create an alkaline environment in which bacteria cannot thrive.

Used in the hair... this has an clarifying ability. Mix a bit with with your shampoo of choice and it will deep cleanse your scalp and hair as well get rid of excess product build up.

Do you have any other uses for these two ingredients?  Do let us know in the comments section below...


  1. I have heard about honey used as a treatment for eye infections/dry eye syndrome. After seeing your post I Googled it. Interestingly, many people have used it with great success, others see no difference. Using a 1 to 1 dilution honey and boiled or warm bottled water, allowed to cool and applied as an eye bath or drops. Others have applied honey directly to the eye - this might not be the most comfortable or hygienic as I imagine application can be difficult. Anyone else heard of or tried this?

  2. This is very interesting, when thought about, it makes sense as honey has moisturising and antibacterial properties... just weird to put into practice! Would love to know if anyone has heard or tried this. Thanks for comment.


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