Black tea is said to have more caffeine than coffee and is used very often to help reduce hair shedding. How it works: the hormone DHT is responsible for hair loss and caffeine is effective at blocking it. How you would use it: make really strong tea and allow it to cool, shampoo your hair, pour cooled tea and allow it to sit in the hair for a minimum of 10 minutes,  then deep condition as usual. Black tea can darken the hair colour so its not advisable to do this often if you have light coloured hair. Green tea is a good alternative and is known to stimulate hair growth as well as give the hair a nice shiny appearance.

Green tea can be used as a "wake me up" when brewed allowed to cool in the fridge and spritzed all over the face. Alternatively,  for tired saggy eyes, keep your used tea bag, refrigerate it and when its nice and chilled, place over the eye area. Green tea has high antioxidant levels and will help soothe improve the appearance of tired eyes.

Olive Oil
This is a really good oil especially if you suffer from very dry skin or skin that is extremely sensitive to normal "over the counter" creams. How to use: apply a bit into your warm bath water, or apply to damp skin straight after your bath.

Olive oil can be used as a massage oil and sealant for moisture on the hair. How to use: warm up the oil (never boil) and apply to the scalp and hair strands, massage for about 5 minutes,  wrap in a hot towel, once the towel cools shampoo and condition as usual - alternatively put your hair into a bun (cover with a a head cap or place a towel over your pillow to avoid staining) and leave the oil in overnight and wash out in the morning.

ps. Whenever you can, go for the "extra virgin" "cold pressed" option.

As always, I'm keen to hear your "non-conventional" uses for the above ingredients... Please share in the comments section below!

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