If you have not seen or heard... then you definitely want to take note of this!! Maybelline Baby Lips, was and still is, a huge trend overseas - and hit the shores of South Africa about 2 months ago - possibly even sooner as it hit shelves, and was sold out in a flash, and most people had to wait for the second shipment to hit stores again and now is readily available.

What is it: the most awesome, super soft lip balm! Seriously...

The texture is smooth and soft, and the formula is extremely moisturizing, brilliant especially now that we have just hit winter and chapped lips are looming around already. I have been using this lip balm for about 3 weeks now, bought one and I've gone back for a second already (couldn't help myself) - never mind all my coworkers that I've got to jump on the bandwagon with me.

Now, you must know, I'm a mum and always looking for ways to make my 'look good' routine quick and effortless.. so, I recently bought the Pink Punch shade, and 'hello fabulousness'! The pigment is just right, it looks like lipstick but with super moisturization.

Not all of them are tinted, there are 6 variations available so far, and only 3 of them are tinted.

Have you tried any of them yet, if so which ones, and what were your thoughts? How cute is the packing?!

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