Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is known to be good for stimulation and circulation. I'm sure a lot of us have seen or heard of a number of "remedies" that include cayenne, the most popular possibly being a slimming diet/detox that celebrities/models like to use in preparation for big events!

What I've come across: cayenne mixed with a natural oil eg. olive oil, applied to the scalp as a treatment,  stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles and as a result you get hair growth. (I hear this may tingle so needs to be mixed in the right proportions).


Is a great antioxidant and quite popular in Asian countries.

A remedy to try: turmeric mixed with a bit of honey and water/yoghurt, enough to form a paste, and applied to the face as a mask. Used regularly helps with acne, brightening of the skin and as a anti-ageing treatment. If you're very fair skinned try mixing a bit of turmeric with your favourite mask to 'dilute' the intensity of the yellow colour which may possibly stain your skin.

Have you tried any of these remedies before? How did they work out for you? Do you use either of these spices in a different way or for a different beauty purpose?  Please share...

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