I can't believe it's been 1 year since I cut all my relaxed hair off!! It's been an interesting journey thus far, some highs and lows, and a lot of learning. I figured what better way to celebrate than by doing a giveaway!

So there are 2 sets of prizes to be won, as pictured below:

Redken: Shampoo, Conditioner (for dry/unruly hair) & Heat Serum
2nd prize:

Vatika: Deep conditioning treatment (for dry, dull, lifeless hair) & Enriched Coconut Hair Oil


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*   only open to subscribers in South Africa (sorry internationals, I will hook you up soon!)
*   giveaway ends 23rd August 2014

The 2 people with the most referrals win, (the highest chooses 1st and the next highest obviously gets what the top winner didn't choose).
Terms & Conditions Apply


  1. Hey Tendai,

    Came across your blog on the group I just joined of FB.
    I wont be in the running because I might not get to the refferal part of things but girl we need to hook up. I desparately need the beauty care bit of things.

    I'll follow with my blogger blog but I am actually now on wordpress:

  2. Thanks Wendy, feel free to inbox/email me if you need to. Will hook you up anytime!!


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