So recently a friend of mine happened to be out and about shopping and came across an interesting product, which she thought would be worth a try, as firstly she needed a trim but hadn't had the time to go for one and secondly, the products were on special, so what better time to take a chance on something new.

Here's her review:

First, she washed and combed out her hair. Next, was time for the Argan Oil Cream.. she read the instructions, which stated, only to use a pea size amount - now she has long hair so was very skeptical about the quantity. Her comment though was it smells "gorgeous"... mmm, I always appreciate a yummy smelling product!

Overall review: pea sized amount was applied from half the length of her hair downwards and quantity was perfect, a little went a long way! Blow drying time was shorter, less tangles in the hair which made it so much easier to brush.

Crucial questions: how much was it: £4.00 for each is the original price, but was on offer at 2 for £5.50. Would you repurchase: yes most definitely, if every wash day process could be as smooth sailing as this then it definitely on the list as a staple!

And the finished look.... tada...

Her hair looks amaze!!! 

Have you ever seen, heard, or tried this product? Do share what your experience was like.

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