For those of you that are familiar with the term "stem cells"... I have already read your minds! Firstly I'll tell you why I decided I needed to write on this subject.

I was at a function earlier on this week and there were lucky draws being conducted. A certain product range was up for grabs, and the MC, very boldly announced how fabulous this range was and how she had been using using it and felt a whole lot younger because it had... wait for it.... "human stem cells".... I think I must have had a fit upon hearing this because the ladies I had sitting at the same table were rather speechless and in shock at my reaction. 

I was in shock to be honest and just couldn't believe that in this day and age of technology, human stem cells were still being used in the cosmetic industry. I remember it being a subject of great debate back in the day. I will keep this post short and to the point,  just enough to give you an understanding of what I'm on about.

What are human stem cells?
They are specials cells which have the ability to rejuvenate, make or become different during the growth process. 

Where are human stem cells found?
They are found in embryos (this encompasses unfertilised eggs) as well as adult tissue (just so you know umbilical cord falls under adult).

What is the difference between embryonic and adults tissue stem cells?
Hoping this very shallow explanation makes sense: embryonic stem cells have the ability to change into anything (they are generalists) where as adult tissue only have the ability to make the type of tissue they are extracted from eg. Muscle stem cells can only make muscle etc (they are specialists).

What relevance/benefits do they have in skincare?
Stem cells are used mainly in anti-aging products as they aid in growth of new cells, as well as collagen and elastin production - which is what keeps wrinkles at bay.

So what's the problem?
Oh! There's no problem,  I was just keen to know how you feel about it, do you know what's in your skincare products and should you have stems cells in them, which source they derive them from, or are you okay with using  whatever it takes to get more youthful skin? 

Have your say in the comments section below...

I will make this a 2-part blog as I would like to briefly discuss plant stem cells in cosmetics.


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