As my blog title says, I'm all about anything and everything beauty - and that means I have a hint of fascination when it comes to brands one doesn't readily find in South Africa.

Today, I thought I would share, with you, some international online shops, that I have enjoyed, and that offer delivery to countries in Africa, some even have free delivery - yup - free! Not to say we don't have free delivery in SA lol.. I just like the word "free" I'm sure you do too *random moment*. I think I will do another post, actually, to share some awesome gems in the local beauty online shopping arena.

My tip of the day: I know a lot of people think it's expensive - shop the sales my dolls, there is something for everyone!!!

One of my favourites, and they offer free worldwide shipping.

Victoria's Secret
Another favorite, for more than just beauty, extremely reliable shipping too.

Feel Unique
Has free delivery on orders over £10

Deliver to 66 countries and SA is one of them :)
I am yet to buy from this shop though, I am an avid fan of some Asian brands, so definitely keen to give this shop a try. 

Do you have any international shops you've tried? Please feel free to share below.


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