So I came across an interesting hair trend, that has apparently been in existence, in South America, since the 1960s, and is proving to be a hit with some Victoria Secret models and spreading...

The velaterapia treatment.

What is it?
Split end trimming, using a candle flame. Yup! That's what I said, candle cutting.

How does it work?
Sounds rather daunting, to think your hair could survive fire right?

The treatment must be performed by a trained stylist. They put your hair in to small sections, twist each section so that your split ends stick out, then run the candle flame back and forth along the length of the hair to singe the poking ends off. End result, trimmed hair that allows you to retain your length!

Apparently the heat of the flame opens up the hair cuticles, allowing the deep conditioning treatment you receive immediately after, to penetrate the hair better, leaving you with smooth, silky hair after your blow out.

How much does it cost?
In the US, the treatment will set you back by about $150 - $200. Not sure about other countries,  and, most certainly would be keen to know if this offering is, or will ever be available in South Africa?

Have you ever had this treatment done? Would you? Would you trust your stylist to perform this treatment on you? Or would you do it yourself? 

See the video of the treatment below:


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