I thought this would be an interesting "case study" post you may be interested in. We all get scars we don't care too much for,  or are faced with situations where scars are an inevitable end result.

In December a close friend had 'elective' surgery done - I say elective as is was not necessarily for a severe medical issue, but something she had promised herself she would do for a very long time. (More about the actual procedure will come in a separate post).

Scars were an obvious end result as it was quite a big op, and in making the decision whether to go through with it or not, scars turned out to be the minor side effect she was willing to live with - the positives far out-weighed the negatives.

So, the journey through scar management will involve a series of posts, where I will update you every second week, how her treatments are progressing and the results she's experiencing. The treatment protocol involves a combination of ScarScience Gel and Near-Infrared laser (NIR).

To keep it short and easy to digest I will explain exactly how she's using the scar gel and how the pain-free NIR laser works, as well as both their benefits.

All NIR treatments are to be had at The Laser Beautique and for more information please click here or call +2711 440 7611 for information on the branch nearest to you.

Here is a before picture at 11 weeks post operation #tmi sensitive but "educational":

NB: This series is based on personal experiences and is in no way sponsored or initiated by The Laser Beautique. 


  1. Scars can be pretty intense after certain procedures. It is good that there are ways to manage those scars. Getting them removed can be quite a treatment, and isn't possible for all scars. But, on the ones where it is possible, it is nice to get rid of them. Especially if they are embarrassing scars. But no matter what, scars aren't really ever something to be embarrassed about. http://www.southsidedermatology.com/our-services/scar-center/


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