The journey goes on, and as mentioned in my previous post, here, I said would share exactly the benefits of ScarScience and of Near-Infrared.

ScarScience is a scar treatment in the form of a gel, and to get the most benefit should be used in conjunction with micropore tape. The tape is applied over the scar and the gel is applied over the tape, twice a day. By applying the gel over the tape, it helps keep the gel on the area for longer without necessarily rubbing off, and allows increased absorption. The tape is left on for 5 days or until it lifts off, whichever happens sooner. The gel and tape combination is to be used for 2-6 weeks and thereafter the gel is used alone for up to 6 months or until the scar has healed.

With regards to Near-Infrared (NIR) this is an amazing treatment used especially for its healing properties. So for example, sports injuries/massage, arthritis, skin tightening, non-surgical face lifts... The list goes on. This laser treatment heats up the fluid and tissue in the dermis, which causes the fibroblasts to react by increasing collagen production, dermal regeneration and elastin re-knitting.  This makes for a brilliant skin tightening, cellulite and scar repairing/healing treatment. 

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