Last year sometime, I had the opportunity to train with someone from one of the world's biggest and best aesthetic equipment manufacturers. I'm very thankful to have a job in the industry my passion lies.

That said, one of our modules was tattoo removal, and I managed to get in depth training and knowledge on the treatment a day technicalities thereof.

Hands up those that are not so satisfied with the decision to tattoo your now ex partner's name some place on your body?! Be honest now... being in this interesting industry I have come across a number of people who thought they were stuck with the above scenario and others who regretted tattoos the had had inked just the previous day.

I had the opportunity to walk the journey of tattoo removal with a friend. She had black writing inked into her wrist,and sadly the meaning held memories she did not care to remember. It was an extremely emotional journey, and a decision made after much thought - almost a release of something that was holding her back from moving get forward in her life. As an aesthetician my role was to reassure that the procedure was safe and technology the best that is available on the market.

A couple of facts on the procedure:

* first and foremost is to find a reputable and we'll qualified establishment!
* go for an aesthetic clinic where the treatment is carried out by a medical professional or  that is supervised by one
* some anesthetic cream was used - Emla, applied, covered in cling wrap to avoid evaporation and left on for an hour before treatment
* black/blue/green ie. dark tattoos are easier to remove than say red/yellow
* professional tattoos take longer to remove than "amateur" tattoos, as the pigment is placed deeper into the skin
* scarring/pigmentation is a possible side effect
* more sessions are needed for darker skin types
* average number of sessions is about 10
* it's a gradual process, where the laser breaks down the pigment into smaller particles which can easily be absorbed by the body

For more information please click here or contact SK:N Clinic +44 21 5678 100


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