Today I decided I'd try to tackle one of the questions I'm asked the most. "What can I do to get rid of my stretch marks?"

I wish I had some positive feedback, ladies, but sadly I don't...  you cannot get rid of stretch marks, but there are things you can do to improve their appearance. Here are a few things you can try:

Avoid getting them in the first place
This is not want you want to hear, but I feel I must try to throw in a tip to help the situation from getting worse. Moisture moisture moisture! You must moisturise your skin everyday to keep it soft and smooth. Stretch marks are like scars, if your skin is not in a healthy condition, then you can't expect them to heal well.

Skin Peels
Yes you can have skin peels done to the areas where stretch marks are present. These will gently lift off the dead skin, encourage new healthier skin cell production and allow whatever products you choose the apply (stretch marks serums/creams/oils) to penetrate deeper.

Laser Therapy
Yes, this is an more expensive route but even more effective than topical applications as lasers have the ability to stimulate the skin at a much deeper level. So for example, you will get lasers that will use Radio Frequency or Near Infrared technology. These produce heat which penetrates into your dermal layers, without damaging your top layers, and stimulate your body to produce collagen, elastin, as well as activate your body's healing reaction. So in the end you have tight, smooth, supple skin which in turn improves the appearance of stretch marks (another amazing benefit with this technology is your cellulite will decrease with each session too).

This involves several little needles, on a roller type contraption. If treated in an aesthetic clinic, the length of the needles can get really long, to allow for a deeper more intense treatment. And if you go for the home care range, obviously the needles are much shorter to allow for a safer treatment. So, the needles are rolled over the area, causing micro perforations in the skin, and a serum is normally applied after, this allows the serum to penetrate, through these perforations, a lot deeper than it ordinarily would. The needling also means you stimulate your own body to "wake up" and produce more collagen and elastin too. Technology is constantly involving and some of these now come with radio frequency in one!

Carboxy Therapy
Now this, can only be performed by a doctor. You have to do your research and go to a reputable establishment! This treatment involves several sessions of carbon dioxide being injected into your skin. This helps improves skin elasticity, improves blood circulation and encourages collagen repair.

Have you had any of the above treatments done and how were your results? Are there any other treatments or creams you've used successfully? Please share below.


  1. I've had stretch marks for so long I almost don't see them anymore :D

    I've never tried anything to get rid of them, that needle therapy sounds painful!

    Lungi at HHDC

    1. Good on Lungi. It is a great place to be when you can accept your body image and do the best you can with it. I guess for most people who have issues the state of the stretch marks would be above the "average" it can be very traumatic depending on genetics.

      I'm a sissy when it comes to needles, so the carboxy is not for me.

  2. I didn't realise that moisturiser would prevent me getting stretch marks?! I'll make sure to moisturise more often from now on!! xxx

    1. Oh most definitely. You want to keep your skin well moisturised and hydrated. Best time to apply is straight after your baths/showers. Cheers to smoothness x


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