I happened to be at the right place at the right time for this one. At work, when I was asked to sit in as a model for a group that was being trained on Nioxin. The treatment I was give was the dermabrasion and here is process I went through.

Firstly, I was given a consult, asked my concerns etc. And then onto a scan of scalp, that was rather interesting. It magnified the scalp by 200, so we could see every follicle, hair density and strand width. They were able to point out my problem areas, which I had not actually taken note of before, eg. My nape - showed the hair in that area had a thinner strand width compared to the rest of my scalp.

A couple of possible reasons they gave me, was maybe because it's winter and with constant wearing of scarfs and high collars, there was constant friction which may be causing the issue.

When that was done, an application of the dermabrasion treatment massaged onto the scalp and left to sit for about 10 mins. The purpose of the treatment being to rid the scalp of build up, dead skin cells, debris and dirt - as well as to allow any trapped hair to come through freely.

The treatment was washed out, conditioner applied as well as a leave-in treatment. Then a second round of scalp scanning took place. The difference was visible immediately and it was easy to see signs of increased blood circulation to the scalp. A cleaner and healthier looking environment.

There is so much I could say about this treatment but to keep it reasonably short, this was an amazing treatment, if not, for nothing more than removal of dead skin, better scalp health and allowing of after care products to penetrate better!

Have you used any of Nioxin's products before? What was your experience like? Do share below...

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