I think we are officially in winter, today's weather just did not do any justice to my hair, and therefore inspired this post.

I'm sure a number of people have some type of protective style they go to, in winter, to safe guard their hair from the elements. I ordinarily go for a braid styles of some sort, my hair does not do well with braids but I love how they look, so what's a girl to do?! I have, however, been trying get to drag out the process by trying out different styles, in the hope that it will keep the hair game exciting and my ends tucked away in an effective manner.

So here was attempt number one, of the chignon do...

A wide tooth comb and a couple of hair bands were close at hand. You can use a scarf or wider head band if you prefer.

My bangs are pretty short, so head band one went on to try hold them back as much as possible, I also tried to place it in such a way that it would be light on the hairline I'm babysitting 24-7!!

Head band number two went over the crown. You can see just how frazzled my ends are looking thanks to the weather.

I took the hair in sections, twisted it a couple of times and rolled it over and under the head band (tucked it in - if that sounds better).

Et voila!! It literally took 5 minutes to do. I was styling my shabby chic look haha. I like my styles looking a little "worn" for lack of a better word, but you can make it neat if you prefer.

The back, I know the left side is a bit tighter than the right side, forgive me. And my dear daughter, the camera doll, couldn't even help her momma out by noticing it!

Tell me what you think?  Have you done it before, there are so many different variations, and it comes out in so many different way depending on the thickness of your hair. Do share your link or pic below so I can check yours out. Let me know if you enjoy the style post, I could share a few more x


  1. this is so cute. I have yet to try this style. I think you did a great job :)

    Giselle ♥ www.redlipstickandchampagnedreams.com

    1. Aww thanks! I'm not very creative lol... Please be sure to share a pic if you do.

  2. This is very pretty and seems easy to do. Im going to try it. Any tips for protective hairstyles (something long term) that are hairline friendly? TIA

    1. Hi. Thank for your comment. It really is super easy. I have been toying around with the idea of getting brands but because I have an extremely fragile hairline I'm trying to see if there is a way I can do the front without causing more damage. The alternative is to cornrow your own hair and wear a wig. One that doesn't involve glue or pins. I have never worn a wig before so not sure if I will try it or if it will give me a look I would be comfortable with. Please keep an eye out on the blog I will definitely update on the protective style search here.


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