Just thought I'd drop by quickly to update you on the progress I've made with the all natural, hair growth product, Feso, I told you about here.

At first I thought I was seeing no difference until I went back to the first pictures I took before I started using the product. You must know, this hairline thing, has been a long term issue I've had thanks to having super fine hair. I have tried sooo many products to get my edges back and nothing has worked.

The pictures below show progress after 4 weeks, I did skip a week as I was really hectic and it didn't cross my mind to apply it. Let me know if you see the difference...


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    1. @ 31 arundel Arundel school rd Mount Pleasant +263773193839

  2. hie!!!! where can I buy the product am in chinhoyi, even in Harare is not problem as long I have the address

    1. Hi. Please get in contact with them here: 31 arundel Arundel school rd Mount Pleasant +263773193839,

  3. How much does Feso spray cost


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