The progress continues... it's week 2 already and I must say I'm still very happy as my skin continues to show improvement! Consistency is key when it comes to skincare - stick to the regime and it will pay off.

It's a picture heavy post this week, but I'm hoping you too will notice the difference.

The blank canvas that challenged Kiehl's to bring it to life!

Week 1:
I chose the wrong colour t-shirt to wear and wondered why my pics looked weird, apologies. But here I could see my complexion was starting to even out a bit and look a lot brighter.

Week 2:
I can see more colour in my cheeks, it's winter and ordinarily skin tends to look more dull and sallow!


  1. Omg I love Kiehl's! So glad this product is working for you Xx

  2. cool showing before and after!

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