And... I have come to the end of week 3!! Still on top of my regimen and loving the products as much as I did on day one.

Today, as I was preparing to take my update pictures, it actually dawned on my that my skin is possibly in the best condition it's ever been in during the winter time. Funny how I am quick to forget the usual reaction/state of my skin when it's in a not so great place, and take it for granted when something is protecting and improving it. If that mouthful makes sense... Ordinarily, in winter, my skin doesn't tan evenly and tends to look "patchy" and uneven. I think this could be caused by the constant need to warm oneself and taking every opportunity to bask in the gorgeous winter sun, not sure...

This time round it has been consistent and has shown a gradual improvement and even distribution of pigment. I'm really impressed. 

Without further adieu, here are the update pictures - a comparison between week 1 and now:

Week 1

Week 3

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