I'm totally loving every minute of these reads, hoping you are enjoying them just as much.

Up next is my awesome new friend, Whitney, and I'm digging in her bag already...! (She has a blog too by the way, so please check her out here).

Q1. What's in your makeup bag and why?
* Revlon lipstick in Brazilian tan, I need a nude lippie for touch-ups during the day.
* M.A.C  nail polish in skin. I have a toddler so my hands are always busy doing things and my varnish often chips so I need to fix that up aswell.
* M.A.C  setting powder(incl brush), to control the oil that appears on my face due to life stresses
*Dexe lip balm. I hate chapped lips so I own maybe 7 lip balms that I switchout often.

Q2. Where did you get your makeup bag from and how long have you had it?
I have tons of makeup bags and one huge makeup case. I buy my makeup bag from anywhere as long as their pretty and girly lol This one I have now was sent to me from my bestie♡ I've had it for 2 months now.

Q3. Do you often go through your makeup bag and swop out any of makeup? If you do, how often and what makes you want to swop?
I rarely swopout unless I'm changing lip colour

Q4. What is your favourite makeup item and brand?
I absolutely love lipsticks. I'm obsessed with lips so definitely lipstick although eyeliner comes in a close second. My favourite brand,  especially for the lipsticks, is M.A.C especially the mattes lipsticks.

Q5. If you were stuck on an island somewhere, what 3 makeup items would you not be able to survive without?
* Eyeliner
* Lipstick
* Lip balm

Q6. How do you describe your makeup style?
I would definitely describe my makeup style as ”Natural Glam”. I love nude eyeshadows, lips and coral cheecks with perfectly lined eyes and a super splash of mascara. I love to look made up and fabulous but with natural earthy tones as I find this look easy to maintain and flattering. I do however make this look bold hence the glam part but neutrals and nudes do it for me.

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