Last week, I put this question out on Facebook "what makeup items do you buy on a monthly basis?" I got some interesting responses, from brow kits to lip liners.. it was very fascinating to read all the comments. Then came along this stunning young lady, who was part of the people who responded with "lipsticks"... not just a lipstick, she said lipsticks!!

It immediately rang a bell as something that might be of interest to share, it certainly was of interest to me, and she so kindly agreed to contribute to this post. My question to her was please tell me 5 of your favourite lipsticks, why, when and how do you choose which one to wear. Enjoy...

Between the glaring reds neon pinks I usually wear its easy for me to forget that Nude is actually a lipstick color that l also have. lts an amazing natural color to go for if you're someone that likes to be bare rather than bright.  Lipstick: Bare it all by Wet n Wild (retails around R47.95)

This was the first lipstick I ever owned, I love to call it daring! When l bought it was "for fun sake" and I would put in on and wipe it off. Then one day I just went for it and since then its become my "going out" signature lippie. I totally love it and I hope you'll too. Lipstick: Lavender Whip by MAC (retails around R210)

I love love this one! Its versatile I feel gorgeous in dark lips - its my wear to go lipstick l won't have to worry about what kind of makeup l have on or if I have any makeup on. If you're that 'no makeup' kinda gal, I tell you what, pick this hun its the best. Its a matte and stainy kinda lipstick. Lipstick: Cherry Bomb by Wet n Wild (retails around R47.95)
I've got my days for this one - super bright, yes?! I totally feel like a girly girl when I'm wearing it. Its also a long lasting lipstick and would recommend it to anyone who loves long wearing matte. Lipstick: Smoking Hot Pink by Wet n Wild (retails around R47.95)
This has the best texture and glides onto the lips when you apply it. This is my favorite lipstick of all time - in terms of colour and outfit combination. It's wearable with almost anything clothing item from brights to neutrals. Pick this for an everyday beautiful look! Lipstick: Heroine by MAC (retails around R210)
What are your favourite go-to lipstick shades?


  1. I love nude, pink and purple lipstick shades. Herione by MAC is one of my faves. I also own Cherry Bomb by Wet n Wild. My fave nude pink is Spiked with Rum also by Wet n Wild.

    I bought the Bare it All Lipgloss and it looked so weird on my lips *eek*. I've parked it for now.

    1. Hi Lungi. Your comment just confirms I need to go on a lippie shopping spree. I've always eyed MAC's heroine but never actually gone out to get it. And I've been on a nude search for forever - although I'm now not sure which of the two wet n wild shade I should go for! Reverse & drive that lipstick girl, I'm sure it looks just as fab on you!!

  2. THAT LAVENDER! I just love all of these purple-y shades on you. So bold and so so beautiful!

    1. Sorry for the late response, aren't they just amazing!!


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