I know a lot of you are possibly thinking "finally! She has decided to answer the long standing question".. and it's taken forever, but, here you go, I have something for you, if you are one of the people that's been asking for budget friendly options for the longest. 

I tried out these products a while ago and according to me, they rated as great quality, and within an affordable price range. I know a lot of people say they use soap and aqueous cream because they don't know what else to get, that works and that falls within a decent price range. So, you will be glad to know that the size of the products is substantial and a little goes a long way so you will probably only need to replenish your products every second/third month depending on how you use them.

Now, about skincare in the summer. This is the time where you want to be minimal in what you apply to your skin, especially if you live in Africa where our temperatures can be scorching hot! That means your body will produce a lot more sweat, in an effort to cool itself, and a lot of skins become very dehydrated. It's great when you have clear balanced skin, but that's unfortunately not everyone's claim, and therefore one tends to find themselves piling on all sorts of lotions and potions in a bid to "feed" their skin, and not to mention heavy makeup in a bid to cover up what "flaws" they are uncomfortable with.

Here's what I got the chance to try out:

Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash & Sebamed Cleansing Bar
Yes, I tried out the cleansing bar!!! I'm not one for a bar of soap to the face,  but this is not a bar of soap. The cleansing bar is soap free and alkali free which means it does not strip the skin, leave it feeling dry and tight nor does is disturb the pH balance.  In fact, it brings the skins pH levels to the recommended 5.5. It was quite an interesting feeling to cleanse with them both as they left the skin feeling 'moisturised' in a way.

I must just add, I found it great that they had a cleansing bar as an option, because, in my experience working in a aesthetic clinic, I found that it was always overwhelming to first time skincare users to just change from the "soap and lotion" to cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream etc.. so this make for great "baby steps!"

The difference between the cleansing bar and the liquid wash, is just a matter of preference. Do you prefer a liquid cleanser or a bar.
Retails on average: R89.95 for 200ml and the cleansing bar R54.95 100g

Sebamed Moisturizing Cream
This came on an opaque white tub - tick! I was a bit weary at first as it looked thick and my first impression was, it would be too rich. To the contrary, the cream was thick in the tub, but very light on application and didn't leave my skin 'sweating' or feeling like I had on oily layer on the surface that I needed to wipe off. 

First ingredient: aqua - yay!! You know how I feel about that and we are all about hydration especially in the summer! Also high on the list, Vitamin E, which we know is an super antioxidant. So will protect against effects of dust, pollution etc.. making it a great anti aging product too.
Retails on average: R124.99 for 75ml

These were just two out of a wide range of good quality products to choose from. And what I found great was in the packaging was a pamphlet which gave details of other products in the range and what they are good for - this made reference to what else you could use to meet your needs very easy. Invest in your skincare and you will be certain to reap the rewards. For more information please visit Sebamed website here.

Have you used any of the products from this brand before? What were you thoughts and experiences, please share below.

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