Ever had one of those episodes, where you feel everyday is a bad hair day, even if it isn't, and you're just tired of your look and desperate for some sort of change? Well, that was me a few weeks ago and I decided it was time to colour or chop the hair - colour happened first!
I know now you're thinking, "oo your hair's going to be dry, oo it's going to fall out etc." But! Firstly, it was done by a professional... and I went into this with the intention of enjoying a change, my maintenance game will be strong and if anything happens it will grow back, right?!

So now you're possibly wondering what is EIMI and what does it have to do with any of this? EIMI is a new range of styling products from Wella Professionals - pronounced "eye-me". There are products to give volume, smooth, texture, shine & fixing hairsprays - something for everyong.
I'm really loving this product range I must say. On the day my hair was coloured, I was styled using the Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion as well as the Sugar Lift, Sugar Spray. Not only did my curly look last all week, but it didn't frizz up like it normally would, super voluminous and it still maintained good bounce and movement.
I got to take home, Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion, and I have used it every morning since. Not only is it genuinely lightweight like the name says, but it also leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturised. I have worn it on my curly hair and on flat ironed hair with the same great results and cannot rave enough about it.
Have you come across EIMI in your local salon? Which one of the range have you tried out, what was your experience like?

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