If your New Year resolutions are well thought out and hold a world of promise for you, positivism will flow automatically. I have summed up a few New Year resolutions that you may wany to consider making in order to become more confident and beautiful than before.

Detox your makeup bag and appliances
As beauty addicts we find ourselves generously collecting products over time especially when it comes to makeup. Keep in mind that almost all cosmetics carry a shelf-life and, if not replaced on time, can be a cause of various health related problems especially for your skin.

Hence a regular make-up bag detox is imperative. Doing it annually is highly recommended. However, keep in mind that your mascaras need to be replaced every four months. In addition, invest your time in cleaning and maintaining you makeup brushes and tools. Wash them with lukewarm soapy water and dry them well. This way you will be able to use your beauty assets quite confidently without worrying about the cleanliness and associated issues. On the plus side, cleanliness enhances the life of your beauty tools.

Wear SPF Daily
Wearing SPF throughout the year is a necessity, never a luxury. Even in winters, never forget to use a quality SPF moisturizer. This will help keep your skin glowing and will also protect you from severe skin problems caused by the harsh sun rays. Say Hello! to a radiant skin this year.

Get fit 
The only way to carry your style with confidence is to get toned and physically fit. How about getting a membership in a gym? A piece of advice is not to restrict yourself to conventional fitness classes only. Make it real fun by participating in Yoga, dance and pilates. Learn to enjoy the time and you will never feel burdened and loaded. Again, it is a great time to relax and reconnect with your inner self. 

Update your beauty regime
If you’re using the same moisturizer you were using in high school, it is time to upgrade and improve your beauty regime. With advancing years, you definitely need an improved formula. Act your age and pick something that best fits your skin type and requirements.

Take a green challenge
Let’s go Green this year. Emphasize more on buying mote natural/eco-friendly products. This way you can play your role of responsibility towards the planet and positively impact on your overall health. Eco-friendly makeup and clothing lines aim to lead towards sustainable fashion practices. 

Curb your bad habits
Let go of your bad habits. They do nothing but add misery and sadness to your life. Try to inculcate more healthy and productive habits in your routine. For example, avoid putting off tasks, try to make a schedule for each day and adhere to it, revisit your entire day each night, and give yourself marks for productivity. The more you score, the more motivation you will find to reshape your life. 

Think positive 
And most importantly think optimistically. Practice ‘forgive and forget’ more often. Love yourself and spread love. The inner satisfaction brings out the natural glow on your face and you will definitely feel more confident, beautiful and powerful than ever.

So what are you waiting for? Have you got any generic, easy to adapt resolutions to add to the above - please share.

It's time to make your New Year resolutions for 2016 and work relentlessly to stick to them. Have a successful year ahead. Happy New Year!


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